Opportunities for entrepreneurs : Invest in Greek businesses!

Northern Greece is ripe for investments
14 Ιαν 2022

Most opportunities for entrepreneurs are easy to find if you can look around. In Thessaloniki and Northern Greece there is a markedly rise in opportunities. A series of investments in new technologies as well as public works projects transform the region to a transport hub opening the gates of the Balkan region to foreign trade. And, thanks to Thessaloniki Innovation Zone, the city is rapidly becoming a recognizable innovation hub in Southeast Europe. There are plenty of business opportunities, and our company is in the middle of it.

Diversification opportunities for entrepreneurial investments

As the past year has shown us clearly, we can never be certain of what the future holds. Thus, it is only prudent to tailor our investment portfolio to withstand uncertainties. We all can achieve diversification—and minimize risk—by investing in a wide range of investment types and companies, all over Greece, which are showing resilience to the pandemic crisis and looking towards international or local expansion.

Here are some prime examples of such opportunities.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs: Invest in existing companies

Buying a business is a big decision, with a distinct advantage: You get the opportunity to become an entrepreneur without starting a small business completely from scratch. Although you might just want to buy a business for the financials alone — by its expected return on investment — it’s also important to align yourself with the business’s immaterial goals. After all, the more knowledgeable and familiar you are with the business’s model, products or services, customers, industry and trends, the more innovative and successful your new ideas will be.

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Wholesale supplier of Greek Products

The company was founded over 20 years ago and supplies its customers with food (57%) and household items (43%). The company sales are based on solid financial agreements with suppliers (the financial strength of the company is a decisive factor), as well as personal relationships with customers meticulously constructed over the past decades. An opportunity just for the reliable supplier network, perfect for market entry of an export or import company.

450.000,00 EUR for 100%, Low risk, Suitable for Golden Visa, Expected return 30% annually

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Digital Marketing Company

The company has developed a unique integrated platform for organizing and managing all corporate communications, user friendly and fully functional. The platform provides SMS Messaging, Smart SMS, Verified SMS, RCS Business Messaging, VIBER Business Messages and Email Messaging as well as a Digital Loyalty Platform. The funding will be invested primarily in sales development, starting from Greece and focusing on EU.

800.000,00 EUR for 40%, Medium risk, Expected return 30% annually

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Logistics and Distribution Company

The company is one of the largest 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) companies in Northern Greece. Their clients range from multinational corporations to local business, all in the food and housewares market. Currently, net sales are at 18MEUR, growth over 5% annually with EBIT at 793.000 EUR. In 5 years, the goal is to double the turnover, the only thing holding back expansion is availability of funds.

6MEUR+ for a majority holding (>51%), Low risk, Expected return 10% annually

Opportunities for entrepreneurs: Invest in startups

Startup investing is potentially lucrative, but it’s important to understand that it comes with big risks. To mitigate that, we have selected sound opportunities, with an enormous multiplier effect that could be huge.

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Medical Cannabis Production Company

The company will be a vertically integrated unit cultivating and processing cannabis plants to produce oil for medicinal products. It is located at an 4,2- acre land parcel, owned by the company. Total budget is €1.500.000,00 including construction of the industrial building for both cultivation and process. Letters of interest from potential clients have already been received.

750.000,00 EUR for 35%, Low risk, Suitable for Golden Visa, Expected return 20% annually

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Floating Car Parks Shipbuilding Company

The company will sell floating car parks, which are the only solution when there is no land available for parking. In Mediterranean there are 72 suitable coastal cities, and over 750 worldwide. The floating car parks are non-self-propelled ships, having decks of parking spots with the coexistence of restaurant and cafes on top, childrens leisure space as well as commercial areas (shops or malls). They have the appearance of a low cruise ship, designed by a famous mega yachts naval architect. The design has been finalized and proofed in tank tests. Initial contacts with prospective operators have been made. The company will start with sales development in the Mediterranean region.

3MEUR for 20% or part thereof, High risk, Suitable for Golden Visa, Expected return 200% in 3 years or 1.000% in 5 years

ErgoQ is a consulting company, based in Thessaloniki, Greece. ErgoQ provides management consulting and financing solutions, ranging from strategy formulation and business planning to venture funding, to organizational and implementation support. The company has clients in a wide range of economic sectors, the one thing having all in common, is their sound economic models and growth potential. If you are interested to  invest in Greece, feel free to contact us.

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